Artificial Lures Liplesses with metal balls, 6.5 cm-15gr. FC.V129



Bait artificial Lures Liplesses with Metal balls 6.5 cm-15gr, Sinking,color: yellow-flecked

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Diametro Sinking
Misura 6,5 cm
Grammatura 15,00
Tipologia Acqua Dolce

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Bait artificial Lures Liplesses with Metal balls 6.5 cm-15gr. Sinking, color: yellow-flecked

Artificial used to spinning in fresh water in lakes and rivers for Trout, Boccaloni, Perch and Lucciotti.

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Artificial lures

The flies are for fishing, stimulate the sensory systems of the fish. They are able to draw the attention causing high frequency noise, perceived and interpreted by the ear and the lateral line as a possible prey/predator. It is also essential that the bait you develop the right movement and is attractive in appearance, that is to awaken the predatory instinct of the species of interest.

Regardless of the type to which they belong, are constantly evolving. Every great brand has a pro staff to test and to test continually the new bait before placing it on the market. The new creations are more and more realistic and similar to the prey's true, both in colors and movements, only for the purpose of ensuring, to the fans of spinning challenges more and more interesting and challenging. Based on the studies carried out by our team of experts and enthusiasts, we have selected for you a wide range of artificial lures to meet every type of need, always maintaining a high quality of the product.

A curiosity:

The reflection and the color that forms on the water and low pressure make the dawn and sunset the best times to use out artificial, because these conditions make the prey more easy to fool.

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