2 the Dovetail-mounted with holographic filaments by 5cm. about. FC.R268



2 the Dovetail-mounted with holographic filaments to 5 cm. about, color Fluorescent filaments Blue

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Misura 5 cm
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2 the Dovetail-mounted with holographic filaments by 5cm. about

Fluorescent color with strands Blue

Deadly for trolling the amalfi coast, which was used also for fishing with Bombarda from the shore for catching sea Bass and Tuna.

Can also be mounted in series, thus forming a Sabiki or Line of japanese, which is really very captivating.

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(each object is as shown in the picture )

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Our baits crafts are the result of the creativity of the imagination and experience of the field or better in the water.

They were, in fact, all of them tested by me or by my close collaborators on a number of occasions and always in different places and conditions different fishing.

For this reason, we continue to customize them and improve them more and more to fit every type of predator in both fresh water and salt water.


One day, “Luciano Circles,” he said,' the worst of the natural bait will always be better than a beautiful artificial bait, as we are working to get closer as to what that nature offers us in every situation and place.

All our models are versatile and easy to use, allowed me, in fact, capture both trout in the creek that bass in the sea, using the same bait, stimulating the predatory instinct and the appetite of the species are so different.


The choice of bait craft should be made considering first the situation of fishing, the creek, river, lake or sea which we are going to deal with the water flow, the speed, the depth, the areas where you could hide the fish and clearly the prey that we want to undermine.


Every month we will propose always new products and handicraft.

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